Text tag through Any block

I tried to add a Text tag to be able to read it again after an any block to see which trigger was the starter of an advance flow. But when I look after the Any block I get 3 different variables instead of 1.
See a simplified example below:

When I test the trigger, 1 of the 3 works and I get an error message with the other.
See example below:

Does anyone know a way to work around this?
Or is it a bug?

Under “Deze Flow” list there are 3 x “Resultaat”.
So I think that by the “Logica” carts 3 separate value’s “Resultaat” are made.
Only 1 is really filled in.

Try to make 3 separate “Pushberichten”.
You maybe have to look by try & error which “Resultaat” it would be.

Like Theo said, each logic card creates a result tag.
If you hover with your mouse over one tag, the small tag icon in hhe corresponding logic card gets blue and shakes a bit. That way you can easily find the correct tag in the list.

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Yes each tag created is unique and only one of the three tags will have a value each time you test the flow so if you happened to choose one of the other two in your final card then you get an error.

An alternative approach would be to create a variable instead. In each branch of that flow, set the value of the variable to the name you want for that flow trigger and then use the variable in the final card.