Flows - Logic or "or"

Probally a stupid question but could not find it in the forum. In the flow i want more then one to contain a value. I can use the “or” part in “this” part of the flow but it is a maximum of 3 card with “or” Is there a way to have more names like “Wesley; Soraya; Sky” in one logic card?

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Not really a stupid question, it is possible but not that obvious.

I see Two options,
There is a Condition: Logic - Tag Contains “SomeTextOrTag.”
The one should work but the other way around, you want to test if the tag is one of a couple of known words/names.
So create a Logic Text with all names (See FlowNote. The DOTS in between prevents returning true on a partial match and needs dots around the Label to test. You can use any other character for that.
(So: “.one.two.three.four.five.six.seven.” Contains . [label] . << Check these Dots around the label!)

The other is with Reverse Logic,
if A or B or C or D === Not ( Not A AND Not B AND Not C AND Not D )
As in the Condition you can add “unlimited” ANDs you only need to swap Then and Else
(as we cant use a Conditional NOT over all ANDs )

Have Phun!


would this work then?? not really logical…

And i need one card in the “then” box

Contains “Chelina” ? (or NOT?) guess forgot to invert

Yep guess that should work if I understand your question!
(or is she your mother in law you want to trigger on :wink: )

Just Test and fill in one of the names or another name!

hahah good one… no 4 kids that can enter the front door without a key…

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What hardware are you using for “face detect”

My Nest Hello. Since yesterday the Google Nest SDM was released in the Homey Community Store.

It works! using the reversed logic. It is a bit unnatural to build you flow like this but is works. thanks

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If the label from the face match can contain multiple names (Wesley, Sky) the first solution (with the dots) won’t work. The second one with the reverse logic will. I guess that is why there was a contains clause in the original question - when two or more people are in the frame at the same time)?

The reverse logic should then use not contains for all the tests.

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Nice I have a Nest Cam but I don’t have the face detect option :wink:

Neither does the Nest Hello, you have to install Face++ App voor Homey | Homey