Little help with a broken flow


This flow doesnt seem to work at all, what did i do wrong?


It cant be Wensday, saterday and sunday on the same time.

Should be and is wensday or …

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You can drag the flow cards down a bit in the and block to create multiple or conditions.
One might not nesesarily know about this.

Thanks! so i shoudl create 3 flows, one for each day`?

No, as Shakesbeard explained, there must be an or between the days:

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Just drag the and card down, and you get the or option. I believe you can do 2 or cards. like mentiond above by shakesbeard and fantross

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Max 3 cards / group of cards. Max 2 or.

Thanks, never ever realized there was a drag feature

Yeah, same goes for the THEN block. You can implement a basic if THEN … ELSE by dragging there as well.