Newbie : "OR" condition


How could I trigger a flow
if the motion alarm of device 1 is triggered
if the motion alarm of device 2 is triggered

I saw that a flow start with when followed by AND… and then I can add OR. But it seems that the two first conditions are linked with a “AND”.

Thank you in advance.


It’s a bit counter-intuitive: create two AND cards, press on the one that you want to make an OR card, and an “or” divider will appear. Then move the card to below that divider.

Robertklep means that you need to press and hold the card :wink:
I agree, a bit counter-intuitive

And it looks like Christian wants the “or” for the trigger part.

Yes, you understood correctly, for the trigger part.

OR only exists for conditions, not for triggers. So either you need to create a more generic trigger (“a motion alarm was triggered”) and use a condition to select particular devices, or you need to create two flows (one for each device).

Just an example

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You should make it like this (like robertklep told above)

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