Trigger flow only once

I created 2 flow which are triggered by lux setting. One flow when someone is at home and one if no one is at home.

Now I want to create a option in both flows that they are not interfering each other.
Is there an option possible to set a value by a trigger and when this value is set another trigger cannot be launched?

We have if-then-else: if “lux-trigger” and “someone at home” then “actionset 1” else “actionset 2”.
Then you can add an extra “and” condition, possibly even an “or condition with it”.

You get the else by slightly pulling down an action-card in the UI if you’re on V2.

You could use the enable / disable flow functiona in the then column.
If someone is home then disable flow 1 and enable flow 2…

I assume you have the lux change in the first column. If you have the someone is home in the second column the flows won’t interfere because they both fire but one won’t come to conclusion because the then condition is not satisfied.

You can probably make one flow here. You can use the or column for the exception

I havo two issues now.
When flow someone at home is triggered and the wifi of my cellphone goes a sleep, the nobody at home trigger is triggered.
I rollup my windowcurtain half when a sensor is triggered. When the sensor is triggered again it will rollup more.
My idea is to remember if a trigger is hit to control the flow from running unwanted.