Explanations on Flow logic


I need a little help to better understand flow logic about these 3 points:

  • Is it possible to use “OR” between 2 triggers to launch a flow? I know i can use “OR” but only for the 3rd trigger, i want to use “When trigger 1 OR trigger 2 Then”
  • I dont understand very well the difference of possibilities between “WHEN” section and “AND” section. For instance, in “WHEN” i have possibilities on my Netatmo thermostat to detect a change in temperature status, but in “AND” section i dont have the same possibilities…
  • How can I check a status to control if the flow should be executed? To give an example, i want to create a Flow which will be triggered if the variable “Alarm Status” changed to “No” but only if my Netatmo mode is on the “Away” mode. I can store this status in a variable to check it but it’s a bit unconvenient…

Thx in advance! (And sorry for my bad english)

For 1: not possible. Just one trigger per flow.
For 2 and 3: maybe read this topic first. Explains a lot me thinks.

No, what you can do is create a second flow, that calls the first one as the action if the first flow is a complex one. On a second note: You call the And part a trigger, but it is not. See my answer to question number two:

The when is an event: the flow is checked when a change happens. The And is a state, so something that (already) is, or is not. So WHEN a light is TURNED on is not exactly the same as AND the light is on.

So if a light is turned on, Homey checks only those flows that have that “light is turned on” event in the When part. It will not look for any flows that check for the light being on in the and part.

The variable change of “alarm status” is the trigger, so the When. the netatmo state away is something that should also be true for the action to be executed. You seem to be thinking in the wrong order, the event will always trigger the flow, but the action won’t occur if the and clauses are not met.

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That, and more, is possible using the H.O.O.P. app

Forum topic with examples:

Hi thanks a lot for all your quick answers!
@Edwin_D for the last point, the thing is that i was expected to find my Netatmo thermostat status available in the “AND” part as it is a status, but i cant find it… Whatever, i did what i said and record the status in a variable with an over flow.

So u took a logic card and looked for the Netatmo tag and it wasn’t there?
Like the logic card “is exactly”

Must say i don’t have Netatmo but i expect there must be some tag available aye?

Wow, that really helps thx!!!
I just find the status of the thermostat.
Though I don’t understand very well why I can’t find it through the object itself…
Each time I’m searching for a status I should use the way you mention?