Basic flow setup. Do I need two flows or can I sue the "or and else"?

Hi all

Okay, I dare to say I’m quite an advanced homey user. I’'m trying to decrease the amount of flows I need.
Say, trash is being collected tomorrow (thanks trashcan app!) I want that to be announced when I’m home.
However, when I’m not home (or say, my GF is home) I just want a push notification (she is okay with my smart home, but, well, devices telling me what to do is next level :P.

Do I have to make two flows, one with her presence on, and one with her presence off?
Or can I reduce that?


No. You can do that with one flow.
What you want is announce this when you are home but your GF is not.
So just add both these conditions to the second section of the flow as AND condition.
Cond1: You are home
Cond2: GF not home
in the THEN section you can then just do the announce and the push notify as ELSE action

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I’ll try this. Thanks! :slight_smile:
What would be the OR section then? Just for my info

if you drag the flowcards a little down you will see the CONDITION area or the THEN area split up into two sections

like image

yeah, I found it. Sorry,. what I meant was, for what would I use the OR section?
Think that else solution from you is perfect! Did a small test!:slight_smile:

Oh yes. Well you won’t need it for this usecase, but you could define two sets of “AND”-ed conditions in the condition section of the flow. So if you have two different sets of conditions which would trigger the “THEN” part you could do that.

Let’s say you additionally wanted to that you get an announcement if your GF is flagged sleeping. you could add that condition in the OR part of the condition block.

Ah, I see, I have a another question but that is different to this one so I’ll keep it on topic. Thanks man!

Can I ask why?
My experience is having less flows as a goal makes the flows more complex, errorproje and hard to debug.
So i would suggest, think before you start doing that (and maybe take a look at my post on how to structure your flows (which does result in much more flows…))

I’ll look. Thanks. Mostly because I lost overviews as well. But I’ll look into your post. Thanks! :slight_smile: