Only turn on lights when user1 and/or user 2 is present

Hi all,

I have a question. I only want the lights in my room to turn on when movement is detected WHEN me and / or my girlfriend are home.
Can I solve this with an OR in the Flow or do I have to create 2 flows for each person? I still never used the OR and Else feature and I really think I’m missing something, haha.



I think the best way is to do this:

IF motion is detected
AND user1 is present
OR user 2 is present (you can drag the card in the AND down and the IF shows up)
THEN turn lights on

hmm, will that also work when I have more than 1"and" requierement? being eg
not sleeping

or will it then start with these requierement and my presence OR
only when User 2 is present?
That would be… not nice to be waken up at 03:00 AM when someone goes to the bathroom :wink:

With the AND, you can add as many conditions as you want.
So you can do something like this:

AND user1 is present, brightness<100, user1 is not sleeping.

You can add as many cards to AND and they flow only works if the conditions are all met.

Are there only two of you in the household? You and your girlfriend? Or do other people use the household respectively the Homey App?
If only you two use the household, you don’t need OR in the AND section. Then you need only “Someone is at home”.
Then you don’t need to add all the other AND conditions twice (for both people).

Otherwise the workaround which was explained by @TheFops would be the right solution.

hmm, but, would the OR not overwrite the requirements put into the AND , and only use that one condition (in the OR?)

good quesiton, I indeed have more than 2 people in the household. MY GF is technically guest :wink:

No the conditions are the same, except for the user-part (user1 or user2), so it just checks first condition 1. If condition 1 is not true, then the flow checks the OR part.
Just give it a try.

And they are registered as user (admin, user or guest) and use the Homey app?
If so, then the “Someone is at home” option will not work, of course.

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but a guest probably also counts as “someone”. Just try it out.

yeah, they use the homey app. all 3 of us do :confused:

Ok, then you have to build the flows like @TheFops suggested.

If your requirements are more complex you can split it up in multiple flows.
That way you keep hour flows clear and understandable
I explained my way of working in a thread “ how to structure your flows”
Might help you start

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Using fixed ip numbers for your devices and using the smart precense app could be really helpfull

I started with that… it escalated a bit, haha