Movement detectors and light switch

Hi i’m new with homey and have a question. in a big room are 3 lights, 2 for cooking and one on the table. i want some like this:

  • movement detector switch 2 lights (if its day scene 1 and if its night scene 2 )
  • a switch enable all the 3 lights in one scene and pause the movement detector.
  • if i disable the switch the movement detector awake.

it’s possible to make this?

Yup, that’s possible. What have found with the search? On which example flow do you have questions?

i’d say you need some timers, a var (to tell the system its day or night, but maybe you can do this with the lux sensor) and a couple of flows

thx. i want to see if I can imagine all the demands of my house with the homey, so I’m asking