Motion sensor and contact sensor to manage light

Hi! Im really new to homey, just bought this yesterday. Today I´m moving all my sensors, buttons and other stuff over to homey.
I used a little while to understand how I could easily do the motion sensor - activate turns on the light, and deactivate turns off the light a while later.
The way I solved it was by using the integrated timer in the motion sensor - setting that to the time I needed. That way, when coming into a room right before the off-time, would let the lights be on.
And then I came to the hallway. Here I have 1 motion sensor and 2 magnetic contacts. The magnetic contact sensors doesnt have the possibility to set a default wait time like the motion sensor do. So my question is - how do I solve this? 1 motion sensor, 2 magnetic contact sensors - I want the lights to turn on when any of them is activated, and I also want the lights to stay on while people are in the hallway. If none is there, the light can be turned off after 1m or so.
Any thoughts/tricks/tips would be very appreciated!

Look into zone activity (flow cards), that does everything you want

Thanks @Caseda , I actually think this will work for me the way I want. I just need to figure out a couple of things; like if I have a contact sensor on my inner hallway door; when that is open I need the light in both the outer hallway and the inner hallway to be activated. But I don’t need the inner hallway to be lit if the door is not opened - maybe the person are going into another room than the inner hallway.
So is it possible to have a sensor in 2 zones?

Sensors can only be in 1 zone, you’ll have to work around that, perhaps look at this topic for more options: [Simple] Lights turning on/off based on motion

Thanks @Caseda! This solved my issues! Then I can enjoy my home automation further :slight_smile: