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Multiple motion sensors (part 2?)

Hi all,

Homey newbie here, experienced with Home Assistant and domotica in general.

I have an issue with multiple motion sensors and I can’t believe there’s no easy solution for this. Most of my rooms have multiple (up to 3) motion sensors. If ANY of them goes off the lights go on. If ALL are off the lights go off after x seconds. In HASS you simple create a sensor that is true if any sensors are on and false if all are off. Action is performed upon ON or OFF.

It seems that I have to create a set (https://apps.athom.com/app/org.scheffers.homey.sets) with Homey, create a flow that “sets” the set. Then create 2 more flows for the ON and OFF request. Is this true?


I take it we continue this here?
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