When motion is detected and here sound or ehre sound or here sound BUT! this person isnt home then

'Hi all,

I have a question. I wanted to spotify to follow me to my room when I played in the kitchen.
However, I don’t want that to happen when my GF is home.
I thought I’d make the spotify devices an OR device, and make the presence an and statement, but that doesn’t work.
IS there another way?


It is always helpful when you are posting the flow.

So I’m not sure if that’s gonna work.
You have to add the condition “Your girlfriend is not home”, that should work.

My solution would be:
Set up Presence detection of your GF
WHEN GF is present THEN disable all the related flows

Aahhh. That is Smart. Thanks! Hahaha. Didn’t think of that!

Sorry. You are right. Not yet in my system. Sorry