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Hi all

I have a quesrion
How do you keep your flow amount to a minimum.
For examole
What does else do? How is that connected to the or statement?

And how do you you manage presence. Do you have a flow for leaving. A flow for arriving, a flow for approaching etc etc?

Just some general inquiries?


The cards in the Else are run if the conditions are not met.
So condition might be light level is less than 50lux. Then if the light is less than 50lux the action cards before the Else are run. If the light is 50lux or more the cards after the Else are run.
The And / Or combine the conditions to be met.
So for And all conditions must be met for Or any condition could be met.

You have a flow for any condition and actions you want.
If you want something to happen when you leave then make a flow for it.
If you want something to happen when you arrive then make a flow for it.
You don’t have to create flows if there is nothing to do.
Over time I have created many flows and then found better ways so I have modified them, deleted them split them.
Just play and have fun.


Also play with the Devices flow cards (apparaten in Dutch) :


With this you can react on situations when for instance a contact alarm goes of in a certain room. Or when some light has gone on. Or you can turn off all lights in a specific room at once without having to add all the devices separate in the last column.


If you happen to have a Ubiquiti controller you can control presence by using the app Ubiquiti Unify. Add the various devices (phones) with that app and make two flows per device.

Flow 1: When device gets connected set presence of person x to true
Flow 2: when device gets disconnected set presence of person x to false.

you could, if you wanted make a third flow setup using timers countdown

Flow 1: the same as previous scenario except you add a stop timer card for person x to
Flow 2: If device disconnects. Start a timer for person x
Flow 3: If timer for person x ends and device is disconnected. Set presence of person x to away

Thank you all for the replies. always looking to get the most out of homey… And that is sometimes more than my imagination can think of :wink:

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