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OR function in IF setting flow

A nice function to flows might be to have an OR function for the IF-part of a flow.

In the current situation, when you want to trigger a flow from different triggers, you have to make a flow for each of the triggers. With an OR function in the IF-part, you can use one flow for several (for example) buttons to trigger the same flow.

IF i push button 1, or 2, or 3, THEN start flow A

Allowing a flow to have multiple triggers has been on a lot of users’ wish list for years now, but given that it still doesn’t exist means Athom either won’t or can’t implement it.

With the Better Logik App multiple triggers by using variables are possible. However, additional flows must be made to switch the variables. Maybe this is helpful for some flows, but probably not for most flows.

Maybe this app can do what you want?

It’s just a matter of time before @Peter_Kawa comes with the HOOP link. :joy:


Now I won’t :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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Then as expected my turn to give the Athom preferred answer.

There already is multiple triggers in a flow on Homey Pro. Just look here:

Unfortunately this isn’t available for Homey’s (cloud)

They should award u with a kerstpakket for that!

Is this card available for homey online too? Since I can’t seem to find it. On Home I only have “When zone becomes active”, “When zone becomes inactive” (for both I am not sure what is does) and “When zone is inactive for X minutes”.

For the possibilities I have, I think i would make one flow containing all the logic and multiple flows with the triggers i want to trigger that one flow.

A zone is one of the folders in the device section. If the zone has a motion or contact sensor, etc that is active then the zone is active. So if you have two or more sensors in a zone and any one of them becomes active then the trigger “When zone becomes active” will activate.

If the folder is a sub folder then the parent also becomes active. So if you have a folder called “Ground Floor” and that has sub folders for each room, then when a sensor in one of the rooms becomes active the “Ground Floor” also becomes active.

What is teh difference between this app and group?

To be able to answer this, I would have to read the descriptions, but maybe you can do that for me?

hahahaha, okey, thanks…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I forgot to mention so I edited my solution as it is Pro only.

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