Multiple Switches (Aetoec Quad/Remotec) - one device

Is it that complicated that in the if statement cannot be an “or” ?
That would be extremely useful if you have for example two remotec scene master or aeotec quad switch.
So you could trigger a lamp if button 1 of remotec #1 and button 1 of remotec #2 is pressed?
Otherwise you have to two two flows?

I think, this is a ideological question, not the technical :wink:
By the “standard IT” we know, that operand order in OR/AND is commutative (does not change result), but in “Homey IT” there is little exception - the first operand is also “trigger”. The expression (other than the first one) is evaluated only if the first trigger hits (this style is common in standard IT’s “lazy languages”) .
It’s not the big problem to put there multiple AND triggers in practice, but this makes the “Homey IT” little bit more farther from standard one - the expected execution order/operation priorities then becomes 1) The first OR(s) - also as the trigger(s) 2) AND’s in operation conditions

So, by the theory, then we do not have a IF - AND - THEN - ELSE, but TRIGGERS - CONDITIONS - THEN - ELSE structure in flows.

PS. This was possible explanation, why this is so - just to keep it close to “standard IT” and also as simple as possible.
PPS. If You ask from me, then, yes, i also want to see in flows multiple triggers and additionally the nested conditions ( IF xx THEN IF yy THEN do1 ELSE do2 ELSE do3; ) But smells, like the Homey Pro is positioned itself to level of Joe The Average :wink:

It’s a way between kiss ‘keep it simple, stupid’ and a IT like all encompassing solution.

Homey works event driven. So you have one event the flow is reacting on. In addition you have the local tokens which a served by the event.
I you would have several events as trigger, you don’t know what token you can use. I think it’s the most important reason to have a dedicated event with its tokens.

On the other way you can create several trigger flows and call one action flow inside. If a device is broken, only its trigger flow will stop to work and not all.

So yes, for some situations several triggers are nice, but in general it makes things more complex and complicated.

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@youvedone Maybe the App Sets is something for you: