Two remotes in one zone for 2 or more lamps

Hi, in my bedroom I want to use 2 tradfri remotes for 3 lamps.

Can I only do that by making 2 sets of identical flows for both remotes to control the 3 lamps?
Or is there another way?

I thought about:
IF - Remote 1 button 1 is pressed
OR - Remote 2 button 1 is pressed
THAN - Switch on Lamp 1

But that does not seem to work; if I add the OR card than I do not have the option to add Remote 2 button press.


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“Or” clauses can only be used for testing a condition, they cannot be used to implement multiple triggers. People have been asking Athom for multiple triggers for years to no avail.
The only solution is to have multiple flows. what you can do is call the first flow in the action part the second one if the first flow is complicated.

Okay, thanks for the quick reply! Will send a request to Athom, perhaps it helps.
At least I know I’m not missing anything.
Then I have some flows to copy / edit!

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I found this in the German section, that is what you meant @Edwin_D ?

Du kannst das aber mit mehreren Flows realisieren.
Dazu erstellst Du Dir zwei „Trigger-Flows“ und den Hauptflow.

Trigger-Flow 1
Uhrzeit xy
Starte Hauptflow

Trigger-Flow 2
Starte Hauptflow

Durch entsprechende Bedingungen im Bereich Und… kann man das so steuern, dass der Hauptflow nur 1x gestartet wird.

Yes, something like that indeed.

If you want to use 1 flow for this, that’s possible using the H.O.O.P. app. It’s nice to check the several example flows.

I’m afraid that is not possible, I have a Homey Bridge… for now :wink:


I would not copy flows. That makes it harder to manage in the future (if you change one flow you ro rember to also change the other one)

Just keep it simple and create 3 flows:
Flow1 :
WHEN- Remote 1 button 1 is pressed
THEN start flow 3

WHEN - Remote 2 button 1 is pressed
THEN start flow 3

WHEN this flow is started
THEN - Switch on Lamp 1

Flow3 can be re-used in many flows


With 2 different remotes, I’d like 2 (slightly) different flows. You say it is for bedroom remotes. I guess there is 1 for each side of the bed. Then for ‘on’, each remote should first switch its own side on, the other side 5 seconds later and the major light 10 seconds later. For ‘off’, first the major light off, then the other side off and finally the own side off.

My 2 cents: be creative.

I got some flows for this… what did you create until now?
@cbeerse still interested?