Advanced flow conditions

I have dozens of flows which are connected by triggering each other. This is needed to check different conditions on multiple moments in time. This doesn’t help for my overview of flows and makes troubleshooting difficult.

So what I want:
the possibility to set multiple triggers with and/or possibilities.
the possibility to put conditions in brackets.

For example:
Trigger: If (A or B)
Condition: (C or D) and E
Then: F


This would be for sure great as I was used to it with my previous controller from Zipato. It would also considerably reduce the number of flows for a better handling.

I understand why you would want multiple triggers. Unfortunately, that’s not possible in one flow. I assume you already sent this request to Athom?

The condition part is possible:

Condition E = Begane grond is actief
Condition C = Niemand is thuis
Condition D = Iemand is aan het slapen

Condition E = Ground floor is active
Condition C = Nobody is home
Condition D = Someone is sleeping

It’s really bothersome to set up, while multiple triggers would solve this very easily. I know how. So consider this post more as a feature request and every reply as an endorsement, so Athom can pick this up.

I used Vera and it had an app for this. That same app had a database which saved the timestamp of every trigger. That also gave the possibility of the following condition:

If A happened more than 5 minutes ago and was followed by B then…

Now that’s what I call full control

Athom doesn’t pick up feature requests from this forum. New features can be requested through this page:

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This is an independent forum, Athom doesn’t read and consider every post here. The people on this forum are just enthusiasts, not Athom employees. I suggest you submit a feature request. To help you get started, I used the search function to get the feature request form:

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So let us all send a request to Athom.
The more requests are sent to Athom, the higher it is prioritized, hopefully.

Yeah, good luck on that!



Haha. Nice. Starting to really question my decision to go with Homey.

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So the next question would be. Is it possible to develop an app that can do this? I have some programming skills, just not node.js Homey uses. Shouldn’t be so hard to learn. But does it give access to the flows?

For triggers with the same capability like on/off devices or contact sensors. There is already an App available. Group App. You can realize “or” and “and”.

Or use the zones:

This way all the motion sensors in 1 zone create a trigger

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Thanks a lot. That comes very close to what I want. I will give it a try

Hope dies in the end… :sob:

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My hopes are good. To win the lottery that is, not multiple triggers on Homey.

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Hi everybody, I’m creating several advance flow. However it seems that one flow deactivate a device or immediately after having activated it or just after few second, despite if I run the flow again all conditions are verified to keep the device on and unless even when it should turn the device off I put 5 minutes delay. On the history of the device it’s stated that it’s the flow that has stopped the device. Has anyone experienced similar issue?

Could you post an image of the flow?

Hi Andrian, thanks for you replay. I analyzed more careful and it seems that changing a bit the flow, the issue is solved. Must said that I couldn’t understand why that was happening.

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