Several cards for starting a flow


I would like to start a flow if one of several devices have been activated. I would like in other words to be able to have several cards in parallel under “when”.

Does anybody know how to do that?


use “when this flow has been started” and use separate flows for the triggers to start that flow:
fa : when this flow has been started turn out light
ta : when button pushed start flow fa
tb : when motion detected start flow fa
tc : when Homey heard someone say “do it” start flow fa

Thank’s for the answer.

I have been thinking about this but it feels bad to have to do it in this way increase the number of flows).

Isn’t it possible to put the different triggers in parallel under “when”?
And if not, is this planned for a future release?

It is not possible and not planned, for ease and consistency Athom has said it will not implement it.

Unless of course you capability-grouped devices (like motion-alarms):

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After playing a lot with flows I currently have the habit of splitting up almost all my flows:

  1. Trigger flows: flows triggered by time or an action (motion). These flows typically have a THEN: start A flow
  2. action flows: flows that typically start with When “this flow is started” and have a then with the specified action
  3. scene flows: flows that set a certain scene (like dimmed light in living, bright lights in living)

The big advantage is that you can easily trigger multiple action with one trigger. Without the flows becoming complex.

Trigger flow that starts my day, but not every day start at the same time…:
(Kept together in a folder “time settings”)
If my mornng routines changes, I just change 1 flow and all the other flows stay stable

The THEN creates a pulse on a virtual device, this pulse is used to trigger action flows
(These flows are stored in a folder related to a room)
Turn on the lights in the living
In the kitchen
If I want the coffemachine to heat up, I just create an extra flow with the same virtaul device as a trigger
If I want the kitchen lights to turn on later… I just change the WHEN to a different virtual device

The “living room ON”is a virtual device switch. I use this as a condition in several other flows.
This switch triggers a “scene” via a virtual device pushbutton.
And finally the “scene” flow that sets all my lights to a defined scene
This scene is not only called by the flow livingroom on” but is also used by other flows (coming home at night, while status of livingroom is off)

So Yes, its a lot of flows.
But its very flexible and stable
And easy to reuse flows
And I can group my flows easily per room, per action (settings)


Thanks for that, I understand what you mean and it makes sense. I am more used to program complex PLC systems with different programming possibilities and there the way of programming is different.