Copy multiple flows at once / meerdere flows in 1 keer kopiëren

Hi there,

does anyone knows how to copy multiple flows at one?
I like to copy all the flows from a KlikAanKlikUit Remote (AYCT-102 with 40 buttons - virtual) for 3 more remotes that I have, so I don’t have to copy them one by one…


Hoi iedereen,

wie weet hoe ik meerdere flows in 1 keer kan kopiëren om zo niet steeds de flows 1 voor 1 te kopiëren, want heb nu een KlikAanKlikUit Remote (AYCT-102 met 40 knoppen - virtual).

Alvast bedankt.

Afaik not possible. Using the web app you can copy flows pretty fast :grimacing:
But, I’m curious, what is your plan?
Do you want to be able to trigger the same flows with 4 remotes?

My plan is to copy one Remote to multiple ones so I only have to change the flow to activate, and all the channels, buttons and on or off…
But indeed also to able to trigger 1 item from several remotes

It would be so easy if that would be possible

I thought of the < group > app, but I cannot add my kaku remote somehow.

Copying the remotes is not possible I think, you’ll have to pair each remote with Homey.

I was thinking of using virtual knobs, or boolean logics variables.
Creating knobs takes more time, but
with knobs you can use Homey as remote too. Example:

Creating boolean variables is a lot less time consuming. Example:

Coding explained: K(aku).R(emote) Ch(annel)1 B(utton)1

We have to create flows for every unique button (f.i. Remote1 - Channel1 Button1 On), which activate the common virtual knob or flip the common variable to Yes or No; that’s 4 x 40 = 160…

Example for Remote 1:
Code: R1.1-40 = R(emote)1 flow1 of 40 flows
(‘ingedrukt’ = pressed)
(‘druk op de knop’ = push the button)
(‘keer om’ = flip)

At THEN I used both knob and variable, only the preferred one is needed

And so forth, until button # 40,
“Channel4 Button4 Off”.
And then, a similar flowset for every other remote.

We need one knob or variable and one flow for every common remote button
(f.i. Channel1 Button1 On), that’s 40 each;
Using the variables:
(‘veranderd’ = Dutch for ‘changed’)
Channel1 Button1 On

Channel1 Button1 Off

Using the virtual knobs:
Channel1 Button1 On

Channel1 Button1 Off

And so forth, until button # 40,
“Channel4 Button4 Off”

Build time:
Well, 160 + 40 = 200 flows
40 knobs or variables
3 mins a flow + knob/var = just around 10 hours :grimacing::wink: