2 KAKU apa3-1500R devices in one flow

I have a Homey Pro device. I also have 2 Klik aan klik uit remote controls. I want them to behave the same. I added them to homey. I want to create a flow. When I press button 1 (on) on device 1 I want to perform an action. When I press button 1 (on) on device 2 I want to perform the same action. I can create 2 flows to do that. But 1 want 1 flow. When I create a flow I add when Device 1 button 1 (on) is pressed. I can choose from all the devices in my system (including Device 1 and 2). When I want to add Device 2 button 1 (on) is pressed I cannot choose Device 2. It is not in the list of devices to choose from. Why not?

Do you have advanced flows? Then is this possible.

Otherwise you have to make 2 flows. But in the second flow you can use the option When button 2 pressed start flow button 1.

No I have ‘normal’ flows. This is not possible? Advanced flows you have to purchase separately?

Whit ‘normal flows’ you indeed need 2 flows. In the second flow you can start flow 1 in the ‘THEN’ step. In this way you only have to edit flow 1 if you want to adjust something.

Advanced flows you need to purchase separately indeed: Advanced Flow

Thanks. I have a AWST-6000 (KaKu motion sensor). I can choose this device in my flow. Does this limitation of using devices in flows only apply to some devices (such as remote controls)? I read on the site that advanced flows is an one time purchase. It ‘sticks’ to my Homey. Next year the new Homey pro is scheduled. When I decide to buy this can I take the advanced flow purchase and move it to my new Homey or do I have to buy it again?

Advanced Flows is included with the new Homey Pro.

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I purchased advanced flow and now it works. Thanks for the help

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