Creating an action

Hello everybody and thank you for your help.

Just bought Homey and I’m wondering if it is possible to create an action.
I would like to create a button that, when pushed, opens the fence (connected via sonoff) and the door (with nuki).
It does not depends on a condition like “when this happens” - “then do this” . It’s a simple button to activate more devices with a single clic. When being home I can create a routine with alexa and activate it by Voice. But when being outdoor it would be fine to have a single button to push to open both doors and maybe switching on some bulbs.
Is it possible with homey?

Thank you

Maybe you could use a logic?
Create a Flow that change the value of the variable, and create an other flow that started when youre variable change of status.

I missunderstood youre point sorry.
The best solution for me is to use the app’ Virtual Device.
You could create a virtual button and use it in homey.

You also can also make a virtual button in homey. Go to devices, add device and choose Honey. After making the button you can make your flow, whit the action when button is pressed. No app needed.

Plz keep in mind that u need to enable virtual devices in settings/experiments first for that!

Thank you everybody for your support.
I received my homey yesterday and still need to understand the it works.

Have a nice day


Thank you everybody,

I just tried to add a virtual device and it works great for my purpose.


If you would like to avoid having to open the Homey app, you can use a webhook. I have a widget-app on my phone (android). If you push the widget, it sends a webhook to homey, which can also start the flow. If you like, I can mention the app I use help you to get it working. It’s very easy!

Yes, please. That would be exactly what I’m looking for. Opening homey everytime isn’t a great choice.
I’m quite surprised they don’t provide a widget for android to activate Flows from the home screen.

Thank you

I use the HTTP Request Widget app bij Giovanni Harting from the Play Store. Install it on your (android) phone. Longpress on your screen to add a new widget (depends on type of phone and android version).

Set the type of request to https:// (default = http://). In the url-section, type:
Replace the ‘a’ with your Homey Cloud ID (Find it under More > Settings > General, the long code beneath the ‘Athom Cloud ID’ is the code you’ll need)
Replace the ‘b’ with a specific word, for example ‘Gate’
Optional: give the widget a name, change the background color and the color of the letters, or use an image for the widget.

Next, go to Homey and create a flow with the trigger > Logic > a webhook is received. The Event should be equal to the specific word you used to replace the ‘b’, in this case ‘Gate’.

Finally, make sure the flow opens the gate when triggered.

Now, when you press the widget, the gate will open.

Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!

Thank you,

I still have to finish to install nuki. When I’m ready with both fence and door I’ll try to set the action button.

Thanks again, the Homey community is really great and helpful


Hello Neuron44,

I probably found a way that looks a little easier, for me, at least.

1 I create my flow based on a virtual button : when pressed some devices are activated.

2 With IFTTT I create a button that when pressed activate the above mentioned flow (you have to sync with homey of course)

3 In Android I open the widget apps page, choose IFTTT and create a button icon on the home page. When pressed, it activate the homey flow.

I found it to be effective and easy.

Let me know if I’m missing something.

Have a nice day



That sounds like a solid solution. I don’t really use IFTTT, so that’s why I didn’t come up with this solution, but I like the way it sounds. Good thinking :wink:

Have a nice day!