Virtual device

Hello everyone !
I want to create a virtual switch with virtual buttons. These buttons would be associated with a scene. I ask for your help

Hi @intelligensvilag,
welcome! I am not too sure what you want to do. But one thing at a time.
First of, there are at least two ways to create Virtual Devices.

  1. Homey has a build in feature for virtual devices which you can enable in the “Experiments” menu.
  2. If you need more complex virtual devices, there also is an app on the app store called like that.

However, for your setup it seems simple enough to go with the Homey internal experimental feature here.
If you just want to trigger a scene you most likely do not need a virtual switch but virtual buttons only. After enabling either the app or the experiments feature you will be able to just do that by doing an add device. And then add a button. Once done you can create flows which react on that virtual button being pressed.

Hi Shakesbeard !Thanks for the tip. Which is the complex virtual device App Store

Search for “Virtual Devices” in the App Store

Fully agree

I remember I did not understand the difference when I was a rookie on homey.
So a bit of additional explantion

A virtual switch:
*Has a status (on/of)
A virtual button:

  • has no status, its like a pulse Pusher. When you press it its active, realease it its off

If you use a switch to start a scene you cannot start that scene again (because its already on).
So you need to switch it off first.
If you use a button you can press it multiple times to activate the scene multiple times

See the examples below.
If you would use a switch and want to go from dimmed to bright. I would leave dimmed at status “ON”
Using a button just links a virtual button to one specific flow