How do I create a custom button UI?

My use case:
I want to control my garage door from Homey. I have the hardware in place and working (Shelly 1, using an HTTP API).
And, I can add it just fine in Homey using a virtual button and HTTP flow cards.

The problem is that the buttons in Homey are too easy to press. I don’t want to accidentally open my garage door when I just want to switch off a light.

I want to have a “device”/“button” that is triggered by moving a slider (like iphone lock screen/shutdown etc):

After sliding to open, I’d like to create a confirmation UI. Something like: “This will open the garage door, are you sure? YES / NO”.

Is there any way to create a custom “button UI”? When looking in the docs, the only way to have a custom UI seems to be in the pairing of a device or in the settings for my app?

And just a push confirmation is not enough? Because that can be created within a flow.
WHEN button pressed AND push ask for confirmation THEN open the door (only if yes was selected in this case) .

Yes, that kind of works as a workaround, but it is not really the best user experience.

Also, I haven’t found a way to only send the confirmation notification to the user who started the flow?

No. Making 2 buttons would solve that also, as a workaround.

Where do you find “push confirmation” dialog for use in flow?

Use the mobile card in the AND section.

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Thx so much for this :clap:

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