Virtual button and ifttt appley

Hi I’ve spent a lot of time on trying to make a virtual button open my garage via ifttt.
I can make it work when I press a flow, but I want the virtual button to trigger the flow which thus far has been unsuccessful.
Can anyone help me here?

And wich virtuel button you using? Default homey or virtuel device app.

Maybe provide some info. Screenshot of the flow wich button ect ect ect. Getting help starts with providing as much information you can.

Of course, I’m sorry I’m writing from my phone. I I’m using Virtual devices app, but I didn’t know homey had one built in?
Attached are pictures of the setup


Does this help?

hmmzz, you using a trigger when power changed. so you using the right tag in the “and” colum. otherwise it doesnt know wich power.

I don’t really know how tags work so the power tag is randomly set there I guess. But do I even need to use tags?

Nice post here. <Link, click.

wel then i suggest to invest some of your time reading on the forum, you wil learn alot.

but also wondering why…… you dont use a normal button on/off? or is there a reasson your using the power change??

Your suggestion with a button was enough. It works like a charm :wink:

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