Button on/off Homeydash

Is it possible to press a button virtually when a flow is started from an external trigger(IFTTT)? I have a virtual button in Homey Dash that is linked to a flow that can start both via a button or from another flow. When it starts via a IFTTT and not via Homey Dash, the button will not appear in “ON mode” in the dashboard. If I put the button in the “then” section the i flow and set it “ON-mode”, i reckon the flow will go in a loop? https://homey.app/f/fOMnR9

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You could control the button from IFTTT instead of the flow (switch button on) and let the flow get started by the button change

Maybe I explain myself poorly. I have a flow that starts automatically when the fan starts. The fan can start without pressing a button (the hob starts it automatically). Then I have a light scene to start automatically when the fan starts(IFTTT). This is a scene that also has a button in the Homey Dash. Then you never actually press a button, and the button do not triggered as off or on in the dashboard. Hope this was a litte more clear. :blush:

I godt it! The “set a virtual sensor value” did the job. Setting “onoff” as the technical name and “true” to the value will change the status of the button virtually.