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I’m a beginner with Homey Pro, switching from SmartThings. I just can’t seem to figure out how to make a standard or advanced flow where a another flow is started by pressing a button.

I have created a few advanced flows, lets call one of them LIGHTS ON. It starts by pressing the top button on IKEA Styrbar(1) and some 15 lights turn on and are set to appropriate brightness levels and colors. About 30 cards total. Pressing another part of the Styrbar activates another advanced flow where I have dimmed settings and third turns the lights off.

I would like to add more buttons around the apartment, but so far I’ve only managed to do it by copying all the cards I have at LIGHTS ON and paste them to the new button’s flow. Which means if I change or add anything at LIGHTS ON, I have to do the same at all the other buttons/flows, which will eventually become a huge task as there will be more flows and several buttons.

For an example I’ve tried with a new IKEA Styrbar(2) button:

  1. WHEN - Styrbar(2) top button is pressed

  2. THEN - Flow - Start(Flow) => and the Flow dropdown list doesn’t even include the LIGHTS ON flow? There are only couple of other flows, and even only some of those work.

There must be a simple answer, but I haven’t found it anywhere…

And another question: I have a few Lidl Silvercrest RGBW led strips. One by one they lose connection to Homey and when paired again they have lost all colors, they only turn on white and you may or may not be able to dim they. No matter if I do a repair or unpair and repair. It’s like Homey doesn’t accept the led strips anymore. So now they all are disconnected waiting to be paired back with either SmartThings or Lidl’s smart home. Any thoughts about how fix them to work with Homey?

Also I have a lot of Samsung SmartThings buttons. I have managed to pair one of them with Homey, but it appears just as a Zigbee device without any purposeful functions.

Unfortunately those are only few of the many problems I’m facing with Homey.

Thanks for any help!


Welcome to Homey and the community :slight_smile:

Have you seen: ?

You can only start a flow if you use ‘Start’ like this:

For zigbee; maybe check [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App (I do not us e Zigbee myself)

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As Hielke_de_Jong says, you can add a ‘Start’ button to any advanced flow which allows you to trigger it from another flow. You might think you add it using the ‘+’ and ‘When’, but that doesn’t work, use ‘+’ ‘Start’ instead.

You can also add multiple ‘When’ cards to an advanced flow so all your buttons can trigger the same flow without creating new ones.

If you need some extra complexity, you can add a ‘start with parameter’ card. This time use ‘+’ and ‘When’ to add a text, number or boolean parameter that you can test in your flow and provide in a calling flow.


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Great, thanks! It worked!