Create buttons to use with homey


I would like to make my own buttons to use with my smart home system. I would like more buttons than the commercial available but i cannot seem to find any information on how to make a piece of hardware that can communicate with homey

Does anyone know something?

if you want to use Zigbee, I would start here. TI has some protocol info and an sdk.

You can buy zigbee chips here :

Good luck and keep us posted :slight_smile:

This is not very informational in what you want, more buttons, as in 64 buttons or something?
Do you have any knowledge about developing? Or does it need to be of the shelf and work just like that.

As any device needs an app to work (fully) you at least need to know how to make an Homey app, not to mention how to develop code for in the device itself.

Did you try the aeotec wallmote ?
Much easier than create your own button from scratch…