Wireless Wall Switches

Hello all,

What wireless wall switches work with Homey? I mean wall switches with 1 to 4 buttons that, when hit, send a signal (zigbee/wifi) to Homey so that we can trigger devices, scenes,…


Which Homey model?

Pro (2019)

I use the Aqara Opple, zigbee, 2, 4 or 6 buttons, you can also use 1 or 2 times a button is used…
In my experience there is a limit to the amount you can pair. When you have to trie 3 times or more to succeed, you’ve reached the limit.

My favorites are the KAKU AWST-8800 (with build-in timer) and AWST-8802. Dirt cheap with 10-15 Euro’s each. If they are at a decent distant of my HP’23 (it’s 433 signal) they work flawless. Rumors go that the H’19 has better 433 strength. Using a(n advanced) flow you can even double the buttons: I even installed a single switch sideways: Left is the bedroom light on/off, right is the bed read-light on/off.