Looking for the proper Remote wall switch buttons to my Homey

Hi there!

What kind of remote wall switch do you suggest to my Homey Pro (Early 2019) with these features?

  • minimum 4 wireless buttons (without relay)
  • support Homey without 3th party hub and can set different flow to the 4 buttons
  • black, minimal design
  • can stick or mount on the wall
  • nice to have: support double, tripple and log push

Thanks, Balázs

Its not black, but matches all other points and even more:

I love this device and have many in my home, especially the posibility of dimming/100% slide, is very usefull for lights and curtains.

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Eight buttons, works perfectly with Homey. Short press, long press, also possible for each button.

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Thank you, I’ll check it!

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Thanks! I’ll check it!

Just fyi: i only have to charge the quad motes about every 2 years.
They stick to the backplate with magnets, so you can just pull it of the wall and put the usb charger in.
It has a press, long press, press release, and slide function (you can use any of the 4 buttons to start sliding, and the full mote is 100%, so you can actually dim pretty specific to, for instance 25%, by moving you finger to the middle of the lower buttons.
Its why i find these motes pretty handy.

Also, they keep pretty clean: no finger prints on them etc.

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Sounds great! Thank you!

I have good experience with Remotec Scenemaster 8-Knops Remote Wit Z-Wave Plus,

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Thanks guys, now is there some good devices, I’ll choose soon :slight_smile: