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Buttons on LightwaveRF double gang wireless switch are not independant when added to Homey!

Hi all, Hope you’re all good,
I have a LightwaveRF JSJSLW206 Double gang wireless switch
and was hoping to use the left side up and down for lifting and lowering a blind and the right side up and down for rotation open and close. I can do this with seperate wireless switches but not with this double gang. Homey is seeing both left and right sets of buttons as the same.

It would seem there is no option when adding a device to add the double gang, only a single!

Can anyone advise, is there a way around this, or is it that this double gang wireless switch just hasn’t been written into Homey?


As you would have take a look at the app page of the brand


You could see if its supported at the moment.

To get add to the app , contact the devolper

Thanks Roy have added a request :slight_smile:

:+1:otherwise you could do the request on the github page. Link also in the app store