Aeotec Button

Try do make the Aeotec ”Button” to work. Anyone no how?

It is not part of the hardware supported by Homey, why should it work?

However, Homey clearly lacks a simple little button in Z-Wave, as there are plenty Aqara’s in Zigbee… There is just nothing simple, small and reliable in Z-Wave, it’s a shame…

Thomas, please ask Aeotec

Thomas can leave a note @ Aeotec support, and it might get added to the supported devices.

About zwave buttons…
These are not zwave?

As already mentioned, the button isn’t supported by the app yet.
But I guess as a generic Zigbee device it should work, but without any extra features like Double Pressed and Held. So you can try to add the button via Devices → + → Homey → Zigbee.
And contact Aeotec and ask for adding the button.

Thank you very much for the examples. Yes, it’s in Z-Wave, but these buttons cost 5x more than an Aqara button in Zigbee, discreet, white, flat and efficient (and less than 10 dollars…). Even for €20, I can’t find such a button in Z-Wave. The Philio costs almost €70 here in Switzerland. As for the Fibaro The Button, I’ve had several and they are absolutely unreliable.

But that is not the fault of Homey/Athom. Do you know any little, simple, cheap, reliable Z-Wave button?

‘Z-wave’ devices are in general more expensive than wifi/zigbee/BT/433MHz iot devices.

You are right, if Zigbee wasen’t unusable for several days now on Homey Pro (see for example this topic, this topic or this topic…), I would buy only Zigbee devices.

It’s getting off topic here.

Hi Fantross

I added a aeotec button like you described. It said no app found to support device or something. When i try to turn it on in the app, i get the error message in the screenshot.

It’s also not possible to find the device in the flow cards

Can you help?

I wrote “I guess that it should work”, not that it will definitely work. And there was never any feedback from @Thomas_Lindblad if the button will work as a Generic Device.
So you have to wait until the button is supported by the app. Maybe you should contact Aeotec about this as well.

I will ask aeotec to add the button to their app. It would be a great addition to the wallmote devices.


I emailed Aeotec about the zigbee Aeotec Button (GP-AEOBTNEU/US/AU) and I got a quick response.

​The button is currently not yet supported, whether there will be an integration is currently being checked.

kudos for the quick reply, but no sign of support yet.

Hi Travis
I got the same answer 2 months ago.
I cannot understand why one of most popular buttons is not getting fixed for Homey

Oh boy… just bought the button without checking if it is supported by the homey app, because I would have NEVER thought it wouldn‘t be supported… such a basic device! :weary:
Generic Zigbee doesn‘t work either. It can be connected, but its of no use at all… shame….