Aeotec Range Extender Zi


How can I check that the Range Extender is working from where I put it?
Homey treats it as ok and functioning once it’s added, even if I unplugg it.

I’m trying to use it to put Aqara thermometer/hygrometer futher away from my Homey Pro (2023).



Isn’t the Aeotec device a Z-Wave device and the Aqara device a Zigbee device?

Aeotec Extender Zi is Zigbee.

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In that case, it may take some time before Homey sees it’s unplugged, until then it will show as functioning.

As for how to check if it’s working, you can’t, at least not directly and in a functional way. The only things you can check is to run an interview on it from Homey Developer Tools to see if it responds, and to add devices to your network and hope they get routed through the extender.

But AFAIK the “routing table” for Zigbee is not functional (and will probably never will) so there’s no way to check the state of your Zigbee network with Homey.

Ok, thanks!
Haven’t used Development Tools, how can I interview on it?
Online is ?, Receive When Idle got a check mark.

I’m not sure, I don’t use Homey for Zigbee, but I would imagine you can select the device to interview in the aforementioned list and then you are presented with an “Interview” button.

Great, I could ping it.Thanks!

Sounds like it’s working then :smiley:

And a tip: make sure to pair the Aqara device at or near the location where you want to use it (so don’t pair it next to Homey and then move it to its final location).

I understand ping, what is interview?

See this explanation.