Zigbee Interview action

Hi there, I upgraded to V5.0 this weekend and since than on Developer under Zigbee devices this is shown. What does “Interview” mean and is there something wrong or is that normal. The devices are functioning just fine.


Hi @Wim_van_Bezouw, the Interview button is a new feature ment to be used for interviewing Zigbee devices so that a developer can see what Zigbee Endpoints, Clusters and attributes the device use. It also reports what else device information and Zigbee settings the device have. If you ever buy a Zigbee product that lacks support in an app or to which there is no app you can use this information to give a developer the info they need to make it work in Homey.

btw, it can take quite some time for an interview to finish so have patience :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Johan!
Much appreciated!

I have an issue with interview of TUYA 4 gang scene switch. “Timeout” regardless activating it by pushing switches.
link to ali is here

What can I additionally do?

Hi @Pavel_Karzov, try pushing the setup button once right before the interview start

Constantly repeated pushing helped.

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@Pavel_Karzov how did you get the 4 gang switch into Homey ? With the tuya app I cannot do this. Sorry if it’s a beginner question but infact I’m one :slight_smile:

Yes but only as a generic device

Manager to get 4 gang tuya switch working?
It’s listed in ZigBee app as supported, but I get no response from flow actions and no buttons listed under the device

Jumping in here…where does the “interview” go when it´s done. I was told to interview tha Aqara Leak Sentor T1 and post the results. Where do they end up?