Zigbee-Interview-Aktion - Does not work?


I have two Zigbee sensors. These I have included earlier as unknown devices and wanted to make as described in this post, interview of the devices.

I can start interview per device and also after end, but where is the protocol for it then created?

I have also started interview and waited about half an hour in the hope that it goes automatically, has also not helped.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you keeping the device awake during the interview process?

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They are battery operated devices.
I have previously run Ping, the devices were detected.

In my opinion, these are devices that can only send a signal?
There is otherwise no power button, these are always active because battery is in it.

I have also performed actions on the sensors during the interview. I.e. with door and window opener the magnet held and pulled off. With the ZigBee switch I have pressed the buttons.

Battery operated devices are sleeping most of the time, so they won’t listen to requests for interviews, that’s why you have to keep them awake during the interview. Usually it works by periodically press (pairing) buttons, like every 2s or so, but I guess you already done that.

I have such a battery switch.

Separate pairing button does not exist. You just have to long press one of the buttons to trigger pairing function.
During interview I have pressed the buttons too.

How long does the interview usually last? Because I didn’t try the button pressing for a long time, I thought it is enough to press all three buttons in a row once to send the information or code to Homey once.

The following ZigBee chip is probably used.

That should usually be enough, so no idea why it’s not interviewing.

Well, unfortunately I can’t get any further with the interview. :frowning: