Aeotec Smart Switch 7 compatible with Homey?

I’ve been searching around in this community, but I didn’t find anything (yet) about the latest plug version of Aeotec.
Has anyone played with the Aeotec Smart Switch 7 connected to a Homey? The Homey/Aeotec app only mentions the version 6 in compatible devices…

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t bought the Switch 7 yet, just discovering here if any other people tried the device…

Has somebody experience with the switch 7?

I tried. It connects as a generic Zwave and is effectively useless :frowning:

Bought also a few because they are nice and small, but not working…

Hi! I just got my Homey pro about a week ago, and just got 2 Aeotec Smart Switch 7 delivered today.
Sadly I don’t seem to be able to pair them with my Homey. First of all there is still no option for Smart Switch 7, and I tried by adding the 6 and the one called “smart switch” with no luck…

Anyone found a way of making it work? Or do I just return them to my supplier and go for the Fibaro? Or maybe the Neo Coolcam…

you can request support bij Homey. I am also waiting for an update of the Aeotec app with support for this device.

Yes, I’ve made a request. I also asked my supplier, and got a reply that they talked to Homey and Aeotec (Who is responsible for updating the app) and they are working on a update. Sadly it could take some time, as Aeotec developers in China is held back by the Corona virus. This was a statement from Tibber in Norway…

Athom and updating or add new devices into there own apps :joy: that will takes ages. Guess Athom suffering the Corona virus already years ago.

it just that they call it the “Soon” virus


That is the question.

Athom, in my humble impression, only updates the App that interests him for financial or marketing reasons.

I have 3 months ago a Homey Pro, and since that time they have NEVER updated the App.

Same here. I attach to this thread to be up to date. For me wheater a generic Z-Wave device nor the Smart Switch 6 device drivers working.
Keep fingers cross that Athom will implement it soon. I love the Aeotec devices. Cheap and reliable.

Same here…
Filed a request via the form for device support (and also for the trisensor).

Done …but

My request is from december 2019. No reaction at all.

Athom has one word “SOON” only sad thing about it is, they think 3 years is also SOON

Plz make sure ur fingers doesn’t stay crossed if u holding them crossed , waiting for “soon”.

I see very little release at all, is everything going fine with Homey or might they have resourcing issues?

I also requested implementing this device months ago, no resonse whatsoever. It’s a pity.

I see apps gettings updated by Homey…
Just filled in the form again to get device support… Maybe if they get enough requests they shift their attention (even if it is just to stop the flow of requests)

Since there is no response at all from Athom, not even a reply with a notification the support is not coming, im planning on dropping a request every day now

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