Big problem with zigbee. Hue, Aquara, Aeotec, Fibaro

Hi, Have some problems with hue aquara and aeotec.
When adding aquara button the buttons works for aprox. 1-2 days before not responding.
Hue lights works fine but the battery operated buttons in the same room as the lights stops working.
And Aeotec water sensor and movment sensnsor will not even pair.
any directions on what to do ?

The hue is back to the Hue Hub now but i dont want to use Aeotec hub Hue hub and HP23 hub.

There’s several similar issues reported with Aqara combined with Ikea lights in combination with Homey. I had them myself as well.
While Ikea and Hue are interchangeable, maybe the Hue light blocks the Aqara after the Aqara started to use the Hue light as router.


If Aeotec uses zigbee:
Pls show your zigbee overview

In the meantime, try to pair the Aeotec a few centimeters away from Homey,
near the closest zigbee router (light, plug, dimmer)

Also check the 2.4GHz wifi interference on zigbee signal. Adjust the channel(s) when needed:

Edit: Button is offline again. will have to delete and readd to make it work again for a day or two

@Peter_Kawa i did try to add with the unites laying 1cm away from hub

looks like i have a problem with Zwave aswell those are fibaro :expressionless:

Edit: did i test of the alarm. and everything went off dont understand why it say offline

Battery powered equipment will often be marked as “unreachable”, because they do not report to Homey unless something “happens”. As say, a fire in your case or temperature change.

  1. I don’t see a Hue device; they probably are paired with the Hue hub? So Hue can be skipped here as Aqara ‘stopper’
  2. I can’t remember Aqara has difficulties with Aeotec routers. Also couldn’t find anything online)
  3. Sometimes (like with Ikea buttons) a firmware update makes a difference. Homey hasn’t anything to provide for that (:expressionless:), so to be able to update, you temporary will need an Aqara hub, or a zigbee2mqtt instance.

Hint: deleting is not necessary, just readd, and restart the Aqara app afterwards. You won’t have to fix your flows this way.


I can’t get my head around the fact this crucial “need to know” info isn’t mentioned at the zigbee page.
Many folks think the “unreachable” notification is due to an error, which mostly isn’t.

Zigbee devices must always be added at the position where it shall be mounted. Zigbee is not re-meshing very well.

Z-wave devices must always be included close to the Homey. They will re-route when moved.

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Either way they will not be connected