How to trigger a flow on any KAKU button pressed?

Disclaimer: Homey newbie, learning. Search for answers, did not find it, so reaching out.
If the answer is out there please share the link, and tell me how I could have done a better search.

Need: Am looking for a flow to be triggered by any button pressed on any of my 3 kika switches.

I have 3 AWMT-003 klikaanklikuit devices. These send an on or off code when the switch is toggled.
I have an AC-1000 receiver which changes state based on the received on or off command.
Creating a flow to meet my need I run into the problem that in the ‘when’ part the plugin for the AWMT-003 requires me to select an on or off command. However, I don’t know, and don’t care what command the switch sends, want to trigger the flow on any command from any of the 3 switches.
Then in the ‘and’ part of the flow I check the state of the receiver, in the ‘then’ part I send the command to toggle the receiver state.


  1. How to make a card in the flow using the kika plugin which detects the switch, but ignores the state?
  2. How do I configure my flow in the ‘when’ statement to handle mutliple triggers, one for each of the possible switch states?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
Regards, Onno

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there are some limitation on what you need.

  1. Since the KAKU-switch sends ‘on’ (as in closed circuit) or ‘off’ (open circuit) to it’s reciever (in this case Homey). This will mean that you need to create two flows (one for the ‘on’ and one for the ‘off’)
  2. Homey only accepts one ‘When’ state. This means that you will need to create seperate flows for each button.

I don’t own the KAKU switches you have, maybe you can select ‘changed state’?. If that isn’t available, then you have to create seperate flows.

Small tip for future management:
Create a seperate flow for switching the AC-1000. (When this flow is started, then toggle AC-1000). In case you ever want to change the behaviour of the switches, but do want to keep them identical, then you only have to maintain one flow.

Try a search on Google for Kika and then adjust ur post plz.

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Behavior implemented by replacing the 3 KAKU switches and receivers by 3 Fibaro Zwave switches. Zwave is deterministic, controller knows lamp state, so flows are easy to setup.