Flow is disabled randomly

Can someone help me with this issue?

Randomly a specific flow is disabled and I can not find why this is happening.
The flow act to a virtual device that triggers other KAKU and HUE devices to turn off.
Also a physical KAKU button is triggering another flow that is activating this flow.

Do you get a message on the timeline about it? Homey has a mechanism that will disable flows that are triggered too often, but that mechanism is somewhat flawed (in that it will sometimes disable flows are aren’t triggered very often). I believe when it disables a flow, a message is logged to the timeline.

Nothing is shown in the timeline or so.
I can only notice when the switch isn’t working and have look at the flow itself.
The flow is triggered 1 or 2 times per day.

When you use https://flow.homey.app/ and you hoover over the Flow-name, you can see how many times this flow has been started.

I would recommend checking what @JPe4619 said. If it’s executed more often then you believe it should, check if there are other flows triggering it. You can also add a notification to the timeline each time it is executed.

If the flow isn’t started very often, a few options worth trying:
a) PtP
b) rebuild the exact same flow
c) add a boolean which disables the flow when executed. Let the flow automatically be enabled as well

Or tell Athom to fix the fracking “feature” !
Flows with a trigger like “every 10 minutes” are also killed! Known error in a great feature!

The flow ran 46 time, which I can’t believe if I use it 2 times a day.

a) PtP
Already done and not results.
b) rebuild the exact same flow
I will try this.
c) add a boolean which disables the flow when executed. Let the flow automatically be enabled as well
What is a boolean?

You say that the trigger is a virtual device. How exactly is that device managed (in other words: what causes it to trigger)?

A physical Kaku switch is triggering the flow.
Or by pressing the virtual device button in the app.
Depends on the situation.

So this flow is used to trigger the second flow

You can add notifications (either timeline or mobile push) to both flows (the “Schemerlampen scene uit schakelaar” and the flow with the KaKu switch) to see how often they trigger when you use them. Perhaps one of them is triggering a lot for some reason.

A variable which can either be true or false. (yes or no).

Added a log entry to both flows.
But strange enough since then the flow isn’t disabled anymore.

Well, than it’s solved (for now) :slight_smile: . Let us know if and when it’s disabled again.

And again the flow is after a few day good working disabled.

No other flow has triggered. And also the total times executed is very low. The flows site say 46x but I am pretty sure this is wrong, because the flow is used almost every day.