Disabled flow still can still be triggerd

I just upgraded to Homey V2.0. Most things still seem to work. Had to edit some flows for them to work, no big deal there.
One thing though… In Homey 1.* i used the disable / enable flow in the cards to stop some lights from switching on during the day. worked perfect.
Only after the update to Homey 2 the disabled flows still can be triggered which means that the lights keep switching on.

Am i doing something wrong in homey v2 or is this a bug.

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+1 Also experience this, disabled flows still triggers

My doorlock makes a lot of noice, so when I sit up and fiddle with programming late at night (like now) I want to disable the lock/unlock actions in an easy way. Have solved this by simple flows for Unlock and Lock Door and use those flows in actions. So now I could in the old version of Homey just disable those two flows and avoid waking up my wife (which could be the end of my Homey-adventure… :slight_smile: ).

Would very much to get that “functionality” back :slight_smile:

Same problem for me, Disabled flows can still be triggered from other flows.

Here the same!
Homey 2.0.4
Did someone already reported the Bug to Athom?

I presume this is only for flows which have “this flow is started” as a trigger?

Make a disable variable and test for it set in those flows you want to disable - should do the trick for you.

If this is the case: create a virtual device and set it with the trigger flow.
Then replace the “ this flow is started” with the virtual device in the action flow

Comes with an extra advantage.
Devices (like virtual device) show in which flow they are used.
Flow (this flow is started) do not show