Flows are disabled

I have a couple of flows that either calculate a value every minute and store it in a variable, or change a setting of a device based the value determined in that calculation.
Apparently, Homey doesn’t like flows that trigger to often, as they get disabled by Homey after a while.
Any idea how to prevent this, or have these flows restarted automatically?

The flows are intended to shut down when triggered more then 10 times a second! When u are sure they only trigger once a minute then please make an issue for it.

According the if and rules, they should trigger
Every 1 minute during certain times.
Is there a way to check if they are triggered more often?

On flow.homey.app on a pc u can hover the flow. It will tell u how many times the flow has been triggered.

And I guess that the card in IF is causing the trigger to be counted independent of the AND conditions. So the IF part should probably trigger less.