Automatically disabled flows in 2.05

Last night v2.05 install disabled about 15 flows that start on a 2 min interval or less.
These flows are very simple variable value calculations based on sensor values.

Does anyone know what makes homey decide a flow should be automatically disabled?

If the flow is called more than 10x a second or more 120x a minute and your flow will be disabled.

The flows were disabled on homey startup after the update installed. I re-enabled them and it works fine (as it did for 1,5 years since I build them).

These flows all start on a date-time card each minute or each 2 minutes.
I can see the calculations in a flow execute within a second (better logic records the last change time stamp of a variable).
I can also see that different one minute flows start after each other with one second in between.

Nothing that looks like 10x a second…
I guess that Homey allows the flows to run, this is a glitch of the update or restart process.

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There is no 2.0.5 yet? Only an experimental release with firmware which may have bugs…

this is still happening for me. Anyone knows how to disable this very annoying behaviour? I’m on 2.2.0rc7. Hope I can stop this…

Duplicate topic so closed.