"if any" function

To be honest I don’t understand that no-one else has requested this before, so sorry if this is a double post.

One of the tings I really miss when creating flows is the ability to add several cards to the “and…” section. Sort of like the “if all” or “if any” commands used in programming.

For example I would like to say “if any of the following Sonos speakers are playing do the following…”

So maybe you would you should able to add different cards in the “and…” section and then select if you want “all” or “any” to apply to the cards. Does that make sense?

It could really save me from having to make a lot of complicated flows and interdependencies.


You can add several cards to the AND column, when you have added 2 cards, then both must be true to goto th THEN column, this is what you call “if all”.
If you pull down the second card in the AND column, there will apear an “or” line between the two cards, this means your “if any” function is created. Hope this is what you wanted.

That is exactly what I wanted!

I thought I had already tried that but of course it works now. Thanks a lot!

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