Use of any operator in advanced flow

Perhaps a silly question: what is the use of the ANY operator in Advanced Flows.
Directly connecting cards to the next cards work just as well, I have tested.
What am I missing :

Kind regards

Nothing they are just for organizing the connections literally doing nothing.

Imagine it means “Or”, same as without the ANY

Thanks, good to know.

Did you notice instantly that ‘plafond 1’ is not turned on at 22:00?


Indeed it adds more structure to the flow.

Technically there is 1 situation where it can be useful (and don’t want to put all the conditions behind each other, as in general I like the ALL card better then the cards behind each other, or snaking the wires), as example (though more useful if you have more conditions then the example 3):

  • Today is a sunday
  • [OR] Today is a monday
  • [AND] Nobody is home

But in the end, it is indeed just a structure thing.