Performance/resource use of an advanced flow


I am building an advanced flow with a start-tag, with several ‘lines’.

I basically have two options:
A: Each line has its own start trigger followed by an AND to check the content of ‘Start-value’
B: There is one start trigger, followed by ‘ANY’ which branches to several different ‘AND’ to check 'Start-value

I would think B would show better performance/use less resources.

But I could be wrong, so before I do this all over the place, I think I need a 2nd opinion.

best regards,

It will make no difference I think. It depends on the amount of affected cards to run through.

So if each trigger will have its own different condition check, then make single lines with trigger-condition.

If the condition check is the same for all independent of the trigger, then connect all trigger to a ANY card and arrange the condition behind the ANY card.