Info for card flow

Hello, I’m having issues with the flow to manipulate values from sensors and virtual variable.
Is the card only possibility to create flow? Is it possibile with program language?


Try Homeyscript, a JavaScript tool.


i guess you should try reading up on how to use tokens.

Ho already done but for example I need to check if A variable is on OR B variable is on
I didn’t understand how do it :sweat_smile:

something like this?:

Thanks! I searched in the forum. Maybe its better to use laptop instead mobile.

One other question, I only see the tag name and its not easy to understand which is the device. Am I doing something wrong?

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no, that is how it is meant to be, or rather, they never added that option to see which device’s it is.

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In the web version of the flow editor there is a mouseover with the device.

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Please forgive me, how can I access to web version? I know the web page for developer

Maybe they will, it does seem like an oversight