[Feature Request] Advanced flow trigger cards remembering last tag-values when not triggering

There has to be a better way to handle an advanced flow with multiple trigger-cards. just breaking when checking all tags won’t do. i don’t want to have to store the values myself. When the app stores the values as global variables, that works, but in all other cases it’s annoying.
Can’t they just remember the values from their latest trigger?
Has anyone solved this in a satisfying way?


I can’t follow you…
Can you create an example flow, and use real life descriptions ?

Hmm. say you’re monitoring two values. and triggering on changes in those values. the flow is the same. make sure both values are above a threshold. but i can’t check both since only the tags for the current trigger has values. (unless i save them)
I can’t think of any problem that would occur from having the tag values remain until overwritten.
But this might also be bothering only me.

Something like:


Flow exchanger file: (HowTo)


Why shouldn’t it have a value? Or do you/something empty the tags after every change?

This is default behaviour afaik.

Historical view:

While those solutions doesn’t take both values into account for both triggers, of course I know how to make workarounds.
But I have realised that homey reboots and other circumstances would make the feature I have requested unreliable. Flows that doesn’t work until all possible triggers have triggered is kind of a bad idea :slight_smile:
Still, I’m sure there is some smart idea here somewhere.

You still can’t clearify (to me) what your issue is …

Sorry, something like this except for values recieved from mqtt or something like that is what i meant

where one or both has to be greater than a threshold.

Do you mean this is the issue:

Case: Homey is offline, or the connection between the power socket is down.
→ The power changes
→ Homey or connection returns online
—>The flow does not get triggered while the power value is changed in the “blindtime”?

Initially i wanted to be able to check tag values from both trigger cards. but since only one triggered it crashes.

I felt that it could have remembered the last known value for the other cards tags. but now I don’t think it’s such a good idea to base flows on that requirement.
Sorry for being such a terrible explainer.

Ah, the test run got you…
The Test functionality is a bit tricky…
The [power] tag of the erroring card, is probably the local tag from the Jobbdator socket?
That seems to be ignored in your test run.

You’d better look up the tag belonging to that socket instead of the local tag (which are found at “This flow”).
Then it should work when you test the flow.

This is a screenvid (‘Power’ is ‘Current usage’ at my end)
Peek 2022-10-07 22-41

Example of weird Test run behaviour:
When I test a flow which starts a timer, the flow part where the trigger is “Timer is finished” does not run in a test run, while it works fine in normal use