Advanced Flow | Bug when trying to trigger other flows

I’m trying to trigger another flow within my advanced flow, but I can’t get the card to execute the search within my existing flows => I can’t select the Flow I want to trigger => I can’t safe the advanced flow.

Is that only me?
Is this a know issue?
send help!

EDIT: I’m actually trying to trigger another flow “with text” - that’s the card where I can’t select any flows…

Does your flow that you want to start, start with ‘start flow with text tag’?

It didn’t! Stupid me!

I´ve never worked with tags between flows before - I should have checked how it works upfront!

on the other hand: A message “you currently don’t have any flows that support tags” instead of an empty list would be a nice hint… :wink:

Thanks @GwoonBert !!! :bouquet:

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Hey, I am missing the ‘simple’ “Start a flow” option. What is is that we must choose one and select a tag?

Whatever, the first one I selected was Start a flow with “Yes/No”. I don’t yet understand how that should work, so I thought “Yes” would be true in an ‘and’ clause en No 'false. But it doesnt’t work. When I select a Logic attribute “When TAG form flow” = “Yes”, it treats the result as "False.

So I think my interpretation of this way of starting a flow is not right, or it is, and the current solution has a bug. Do you know?

That is replaced by the Start (play) button:

You can add it in the same way as you do with all other cards. Select it under the blue + sign at the top of the canvas.

Ah. Ok. So this is replacing “If this flow is started”? That was what I realy meant… sorry, wrong wording…

Remains the question: What is the function of the “Yes/No” tag when starting a flow with “Yes/No”… Is it realy True and false?

An advanced flow (canvas) can have only one starting point. That is the start whe. Someone pushes play on the favorite flow.

The same AF can have multiple other trigers fe on time, Pressence changing device state changes etc.

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Sorry. I understood that one.

I mean using the When-card with “Start a flow” within an advance flow, I can only choose “This flow is started with…”. Apparantly, de START option is to start the flow (from another flow outside the current flow).

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Correct Athom removed that one as you can have only ONE “This flow is Started” without tokens. That one is replace with the New Start button.
The OLD Flows with other Triggers can still also be started from AF "Start a Flow: "
but that does’nt work for AF , you need to mark that with a Start button

But you can have multiple points in a Flow that start with a Tag. These are all started the same time then.

Right! Thx!

I know now what is going wrong With the “Ja/Nee” flow starting option. It’s about not having translated True/False to Ja/Nee.

If you use “Start flow met “Ja/Nee””, so the Dutch version, The values “True” if you choose for “Ja” and “False” if you choose for “Nee” are used, in stead of the Dutch equivalents. So if you then start the other flow with “Deze flow is getart met Ja/Nee” and in the AND-clause you choose either “Ja” of “Nee”, the result of this AND-clause will always be False, for neither “True” equals “Ja”, nor “False” equals “Nee”.

So it is a translation error and Homey has to fix this.

I don’t see what you mean, as far as I can see there are no Translations missing,
the boolean values have afaik always been true and false. any translating in the dropdowns in the flowcards to Yes and No in english and to Ja and Nee in Dutch
I tested it both in English and Dutch,

Update: Think I found it, Testing From here in Dutch fails to simulate the correct path.

and that bug isn’t limited to Dutch, also in the English interface a Test from here with a Yes follows the path for False (Same as for No, but that one was probably by accident correct :wink: )

I Reported the Bug to Athom in Alpha Testers channel.

Update 03 july:

And Fixed < 24h on a Sunny Sunday, Thanks @Jero

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Hi, I have also tested it. If I have Homey speaking out the values I get, they are “True” and “False”, where I use in the pulldowns “Ja” en “Nee”.

Remark: in your example both are in the same Advanced flow. In my test scenario I have two different flows. One ‘old-fashioned’, who calls the other, the Advanced one.

I found an alternative that works, mainly, using ‘tekst’.

Thx for responding and testing anyway!

Correct, that is also how it was before AF. also in English true vs Yes and flase vs No.