"Start Flow" card not showing all flows?

I wanted to add a Start Flow card to a new Advanced flow, but somehow the dropdown list only contains a subset (about 10, looks random) of my flows. When I start typing the name of an existing advanced flow it can’t be found:


The same happens for other “Start flow with …” cards.
Running the latest version 8.1.2.

Has anyone else also noticed this, or do you see all your flows in the dropdown list?

Are you using triggers/ when cards with tags?
Because they can only be triggered with the same argument flowcard.

Show the triggerflow you are searching for please?

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Ah, you mean I need to add the “When flow is started with” card first?

[Update]: Yes, that seems to be the case. Wow, I guess it makes sense, but it might help if they added a reminder to the “Start flow” card. I assumed I could tie them together in either order. :slight_smile:

Yes, and of the same arument type (or none).

The none card is added in advanced flow by right click, add Start.