Starting a advanced flow with a number tag

Hi guys,

A question about starting a flow with a number tag.

I have an AF that triggers Google services to speak. Each number tag is connected to a line of text. See the first picture.

In the second picture, a then card starts the above flow with a number. That number should trigger the correct text being said by Google services.

Or should I set the variable to the concerning number first and then use the then card with Start a flow with number tag?
Any help appreciated.

Hi there, Wim,

There’s a tag I don’t understand: [TTS Text]

This is an example of what works for me, I use the local tag [Start value] instead (for new flows, connect the two cards first, so the local tag to becomes available):

I think your flows will work, when you just replace the [TTS Text] tags with the [Start value] tag in the Logic conditional cards of the ‘TTS texts’ flow.

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Hi Peter, thanks! This worked.
Should have known this because I did see the AF presentati0n by Alex and Emile.

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