Difference between two temperatures

Good morning,

I would like to calculate the difference between two temperatures (exterior and a sensor) but I can’t.

Could you help me ?

I tried this:


What are you trying to do with the difference, put it into a logic variable (then you are using the wrong calculation flowcard, you need the “logic” calculate flow card), or use it in the flow utilities app, but then don’t think that that calculation card is what you think it means, as it is very specific for the use case of that app.

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thank you for your answer, I need to know when my greenhouse has 5° more than the outside temperature.

Obviously I have a different sensor.

I give you an example of what @caseda tried to explain
You’ll need to create a numeric variable up front,
then you can do the calculation, with this Homey Logics card:

like this:

The brackets {{}} are important in the calculation:


You can also check it with this logic

Great, it works nikel, thank you very much

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Good morning @JvdMeulen

could you show me the location in logic, i can’t find this card

Thats the Number is greater than or equel to [number] is true card.

It’s an And card, instead of a Then card.